Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Superpower? Why Rollering Skating of Course!"

The idea of putting wheels on your shoes and rolling about on them is, if you really think about it, an odd, bordering on stupid, idea, but we as a people have been doing it for a long time.

No one knows who the first person was to come up with the idea, but it’s been around since the early 18th century, and the first recorded person to try to improve the whole concept was one John Joseph Merlin in 1760.

And like the original Merlin roller skates have been turning up, if not regularly, at least often enough to get noticed in comic books.*

And despite the fact that comic books are often filled with representations of odd looking humans, in odd looking costumes, when roller skates show up it still looks… well… odd.

For examples see below from World’s Finest Comics in 1948, a one shot from the 80s Black & White mistake… err… explosion featuring a hero called “Skate-man,” Ironman using his always vaguely silly looking armor skates, Barbie on skates (perhaps the only one who pulls it off), a comic from 1957 featuring “the Secret of Roller Skating” (ssssh, don’t tell anyone but `it’s don’t fall down and even a dweeb like that guy can get girls to do stuff like that.’) and the always forgettable Dazzler and her high-heel roller skates, showing that her greatest mutant ability was being able pull off things like that and not regularly break both legs.

*   (You like that? I’ve been practicing my segues)