Monday, March 19, 2012

Silver-Age Image Miscellanea

A random pick of some images from some Silver-Age comics.

From Superman # 282 Dec. 1974, after being depicted for around 20 years as always wearing what looked gray prison garb they gave Lex Luthor his own costume, this is its first appearance. This however would only last until he was remade into the uber evil businessman in the 80s.

Have to admit the Silver-Age drab wear did seem to show he came into the game expecting to lose, showing up already dressed for a return to jail and all.

The Atom vs. the Bat Knights

From The Atom # 22 Dec. 1965, with pencils by Gil Kane and inks by Sid Greene, I’ve altered the picture taking out the dialog balloon to emphasize the art more.

How sharper than a robot serpent’s fang
Scene from Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. #28 Nov. 1969, again with dialog removed, Magnus has to fight Free Will Robot 1-A, the robot that raised him from a pup and taught him all his robot kung-fu skills, 1-A attacking was like Alfred coldcocking Batman after bringing in lunch to the Bat-Cave. Magnus still kicks his titanium tookus breaking him, good thing for 1-A he also taught “man-child”  robot repair so he was able to bring him back and fix the evil machinations of the villain who hacked him, it, 1-A, whatever.

All Your Bases Are Ours!
Makkar the Ancient from Hawkman # 12Aug. 1966, Who seems to have the Earth on the ropes in a story by Gardner Fox, with art by Murphy Anderson that really impressed my 11 year old self.

The Horror, the horror...
And something from the Adventures of Jerry Lewis that really frightened my 13 year old self two years later. Part of a series one page items that someone thought was a good idea.

Lastly from the first appearance of Hawk & Dove from the Jun. Showcase # 75, 1968.
Seriously I don’t think Ditko could come within a thousand miles of depicting the mindset of a conscientious objector if they let him have 600 issues to try and pull it off, and not just the 7 these two appeared in. His `war hawk’ Hawk wasn’t much better, perhaps if he had made both them self-righteous Objectivists it would have come across better… no… probably not.

Whatever the case, it kind of looks like Don Hall here is secretly enjoying his fall a little too much! (note super-underoo partial mishap)
Auto-erotic getting tossed off a roof by a bad guy, Is that a thing? I hope not.

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